Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GKN Satchels: Your Satchel Thirst Blog #1

I am not going to promote my product just yet since I've been scouring for satchel images from Google that might tickle my fancy. It could be yours, too.

So, here are the picture I've found over the internet. Aren't they cute?

From koreanjapanclothing[dot]com
I don't know but I'm really starting to love neutral colors
even though I have this obsession over pastel colors.

From Yes Style
Credits to Yes Style because they definitely sell a lot of cute Korean stuff.
Kawaii heaven!

From Bloggers[dot]com
Last but definitely not the least, this pastel pink satchel is just perfect! 

That's all for now. Keep browsing the blog for more GKN Satchels and other features.

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